What We Learned Sending One Million Cold Emails – Selling For SaaS Startups

New York City, January 7, 2016 – I had the opportunity of speaking with Alex Berman, who will be the main speaker at the event “What We Learned Sending One Million Cold Emails – Selling For SaaS Startups” on January 19th in New York.

I am real curious about the topic and I wanted to get some tips on what he will share that day.  After all, the sooner I get to hear his secrets, the sooner I may be able to implement his tips in my day-to-day selling!  Here’s what I learned:

Alex has over four years of experience with lead generation both from his roles as Chief Marketing Officer and as salesperson for multiple startups over his career.  You could make the argument that he is multiplying his experience as he is currently working on several startup company projects, one of which he expects will be acquired this year.

At InspireBeats, Alex got together with friends with similar marketing and sales backgrounds to solve the problem they had experienced of starting a company and not knowing how to reach out to potential customers.  They found that each of them had put together a list of people they knew and they had started writing cold emails separately.  They decided to join forces starting a company that would provide this service to startups – InspireBeats.

In the last year, they have sent over 1 million emails across all of their clients – over 100 clients at this point!  They must be doing something right as they have generated over $16 million in leads during this time!

Q:  With social media, cold emails seem to be going out of favor.  Still, you say that they are the quickest way to grow a business.  How so?

A study made by the Direct Marketing Association showed that the return on investment (ROI) on email is $39.40 per dollar invested.  That is higher than the ROI from any other channel!

Q:  One of the topics of your presentation will be the mistakes that startups make in early stage sales.  What are the top 3?

Sure.  First, startups make the mistake of sending out the same email template out to everyone.  This is a mistake that drives results down.  Instead, startups should personalize emails.

Second, startups tend not to spend enough time on coming up with a subject line that will get the email opened.

Finally, startups usually don’t have leads of enough quality.  This can be corrected by identifying leads that are interested in your services and focusing on emailing those.  I will discuss how this can be done in my talk on the 19th.

Improve your cold email game with Alex’s insights on January 19th in NYC!  Learn more and register here. This link provides you $5 off registration!

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See you there!

Carmen is an experienced New Business and Account Manager with a track record of successfully delivering results for clients.  Carmen’s career initially developed over 12 years in the financial services industry.  Most recently, Carmen is on her second year of entrepreneurial experience, providing business development services to start-up companies.

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