Are You Leaving Money On The Table on LinkedIn?

As a sales professional, I spend hours on LinkedIn prospecting for business.

Throughout my online navigations, I notice that many entrepreneurs who depend on attracting new business to earn their keep are failing to take simple steps that can make it easier for prospective clients and business partners to reach out and start a conversation.

Here are 3 simple steps that you can take today to increase your inbound lead traffic:

1. Add keywords that describe your expertise to your profile. What are your areas of expertise? What do you help your customers with?

Add them to your Profile.  The Summary section of your profile is a great section to do this.  You’re welcome to take a look at my profile’s Summary section to see how I do this.

Adding keywords to your profile increases the chances that your profile will appear in the searches of those who are looking for your expertise.

2. Show your contact information on your LinkedIn’s profile Summary section. Either at the very top of your Summary section (making it the first thing your profile visitor sees) or at the end of your blurb, include something like this:

Contact me today! 

Your phone number

Your email address

Learn more about my services:  [Your company website address]

Schedule an introductory phone call with me:  [Link to your scheduling tool]

Read my blog here:  [A link to your blog]

3.Make your profile open. You can make your profile open, which means that people will be able to send you messages via LinkedIn even if they don’t have InMail credits (a paid feature of LinkedIn).  Follow these steps.

Take action now:  Take 10 minutes right now and make these changes to your profile – It may take less than that to complete these 3 steps!  And, let me know how it goes.

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About the author:  Carmen is a sales trainer helping entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals generate more revenue by increasing their sales.  For more info, contact her via

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